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File:ENG SUB Miku - Kagerou Daze Heat-Haze Daze OriginalFile:Eng Sub LUVORATORRRRRY! GUMI & RinFile:Eng Sub +♂ (Plus Boy) Kagamine Len feat. Girls
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File:Kagamine Rin - Abstract Nonsense (English Subbed)File:Kagamine Rin and Len "Unhappy Refrain" PV (English Subs) + MP3File:Kill-la-kill-cover.jpg
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File:【初音ミク】 千本桜 Hatsune Miku Senbonzakura English SubFile:「Moetron-Subs」 Hatsune Miku - "Two-Faced Lovers" PV (English Subs)