This is a thing that happens to people. Just let it happen. It will happen to you. It will.

What is death?Edit

Death is our ultimate fate with no stopping it. Not a single chance. We all die, if you like it or not. Death is the ending of life. The time where you stop breathing, and your heart stops pumping.

Common MissconseptionsEdit

People commonly assume death is bad, it isn't, death is a good thing, get that into your head.

Death is a good thing.

Death is a good thing

Death is a good thing

Symptoms of death?Edit

If you think you are dead, or are dying, here are a few things you may expirience after death:

1. sudden lack of breathing

2. lack of body

3. heart fails to beat

4. noticible numbness in your everywhere

5. disability to speak

6. disability to think

7. dissability to see

8. dissabillity to hear

9. dissability to feel

10. dissability to smell

11. dissability to taste

12. Loss of your everything

If you are expiriencing all of the symptoms above, see an angel right away


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Satan, Lucifer, PO box 666 Hell deepest spot, Hell, Earth 66666.


draw a pentagram out of your blood (Big one) and say his name 666 times, then backwards 666 times.


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