Hello, this is Elizabeta typing! Since I'm new to the whole wikia thing I somehow created this lovely little page!! This was meant to be on the original page of vocaloids but somehow I screwed up and made this. Anyway this page was supposed to inform you on an overview of the song histories of the Vocaloids' songs and their genre. But I'm in Canada, I've had a rough day and it's 11:28 PM. I'm. not. in. the. mood. for. writing. So screw this page but please go check out my other catagories, I promise you that there will be writing (maybe!! 89.976245% of it happening). Yeahhh no. My mom just told me to get to bed... 

It is currently 12:06 PM.... ah well.... Good night! Enjoy the beautiful picture and if someone can tell me where that picture is from (song wise) then I will give you.... a leek!

Elizabeta Hungary~

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